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Godfrey Blow

Godfrey Blow is a contemporary artist with an international profile. He trained at Sheffield Hallam University in England and came to Western Australia in 1982. His work features in many public collections; he has exhibited worldwide and been the recipient of several prestigious art prizes. Godfrey has been involved in the ‘Stuckist’ movement in the UK, exhibiting in the Triumph of Stuckism as part of Liverpool’s 2006 Biennial, and is the founder of the Perth ‘Stuckists’.

Artist statement:

Through the use of light and colour I work towards a certain vision of the world. This is a transformative vision and reveals the magic and spirit of the land. Much of my work deals with landscape images from Australia, Ireland and the British Isles and visits to Britain have  inspired a number of landscape paintings. Many of the places I paint will perhaps not exist in years to come and preservation of these areas is, for me, very important. The special significance of the landscape is reflected in the fairy tales, ghost stories and myths of this isle and my art links in with these to create a symbolic and metaphorical language. Forests, fields, hedgerows, ruins, waterways and oceans feature strongly in my recent works and figurative images are integrated into landscape forms which create works of imaginative power. The philosophy behind the artwork comes from the ancient pagan religions of the British Isles combined with, and contrasting with, Christian iconography. In many of the works there is an investigation into the part faith plays in our existence, whether it be religious or otherwise.

Godfrey Blow 2014